The National Archives have released details of a couple of webinars for June
Friday June 5th - 2pm - Shut Up: Quarantine and social distancing during Tudor epidemics
Find out about state reactions to the epidemic outbreak during the medieval and early modern period. Learn about Henry VIII’s attitudes to infectious disease, Tudor social distancing and the introduction of the first government quarantine measures in 1517. 
You will need to register and all details are at this link -
Friday June 19th - 2pm - Caribbean Connections
Since the settling of the British Caribbean in the 17th century, people have returned or emigrated to Britain. However, up until the 19th century, it is difficult to know how many Caribbean people lived in the UK. This illustrative talk is an introduction into the history and primary sources for researching Caribbean migration and migrants to the UK
Again you will need to register - this time at this link -
PLEASE NOTE -  all the National Archive online talks are presented using the FLOW platform. In order to attend this online event you will need either the latest version on Google Chrome or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari for MacOS are not currently supported by FLOW.
You can register and attend the event on Android mobile devices using the latest version of Android and the Google Chrome browser. IOS is not currently supported.