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New 'Surnames' Innovation on the website
Until now the members interests/Cheshire surnames has only been available to members or registered users of the site
From today [24th December 2020] a read only view is available via the top menu of the webpage.
This enables surname interests to be shared to a wider audience - as anyone can now browse the list [& even add their own surnames interests, after registering with the site]
Hopefully this will stimulate more activity on the website under this particular section, as members can now be contacted by those from outside the Society.
Those wanting to follow-up on a particular surname will contact the relevant member directly through the website, with no access to specific contact details - it is then up the relevant society member whether to respond or not.
Please let the Committee know if you receive any contact at all, it would be intersting to know how popular and beneifical this new innovation proves in the future