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EMails & Newsletters from FHSC Local Groups

We have added a new field on the members profile to let a member add groups, in addition to their own group, as sources of newsletters or emails they wish to receive.

Its just below the Group Membership Field.

This will soon remove the need to maintain separate newsletter subscriptions that you can see today.

I have removed the Follow buttons on each Group Page as this replaces it.

Please login and go to the Profile/My profile page, then:

  • In the Emails/Newsletters field
  • Select all values (Ctrl A)
  • Click on update button at the bottom of the page
  • Now select just ones you want
  • Click on first group you want and then hold Ctrl whilst you click on each additional one you want. There is no need to select the group you are member of.
  • Click on update button at the bottom of the page

Computer Club is driven by the separate Computer Club Field. If you select Y then you will get their emails as well and have access to Computer Club Documents.

Any questions to