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Records of the British Home Children now available on family history website Findmypast

Findmypast has announced a new collection of nearly 39,000 records of the ‘Home Children’ who were sent from Britain to Canada, launched in partnership with organisations including The National Archives, the British Library, Library and Archives Canada and Home Children Canada.

These records are free to search although users will need to register for a Findmypast account.

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Press release from MyHeritage
This Week Only: Upload Your DNA Data and Get Free Access to All DNA Features
Note - this offer is valid for new DNA files that are uploaded to MyHeritage for the first time. It does not apply to DNA files uploaded in the past.
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Ancestry and Enhanced Images

Whether you are a new user of Ancestry or someone who has been using their record collections for a number of years, you might not have noticed a feature when viewing images that may have been actually getting in your way - the "Enhanced images" feature.

This interesting blog from the Family Tree Knots blog site penned by Ken McKinlay is worth a read 

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FindMyPast improve their 1871 census trancriptions

I thought members may be interested in the improvements that FindMyPast have made to the 1871 census transcriptions. 

Previously untranscribed, FindMyPast have added occupation and place of birth to over 22 million records, so not only will you see this information on the transcriptions, you can now search by these fields using the advanced search page.


Response to the Ministry of Justice regarding the storage and retention of post-1858 wills documents

The Family History Federation have produced a response to the Ministry of Justice regarding the storage and retention of post-1858 wills documents.

A coiy has been uploaded to the Members Documents area of the website, under the Library tab - or click HERE for a direct link 

Halton, Runcorn, and Widnes Records now available on Deceased Online

Members who subscribe to Deceased Online may be interested to know that records for three cemeteries in the Borough of Halton are now available to view on Deceased Online - 

The records are from Halton Cemetery, Widnes Cemetery, and Runcorn Cemetery, and cover from 1860-2020

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Ancestry DNA Plus Membership

Ancestry are now rolling out the AncestryDNA Plus membership (£14.99 for six months).

AncestryDNA Plus™ is a low-priced membership that provides access to current and upcoming DNA features, making it easier than ever to discover new details about your family’s origins. Access to paid records or family trees not included.

 Note: if you already have an Ancestry subscription you won't need this membership

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