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Computer Club October Meeting

From 09 October 2019 19:30 until 09 October 2019 21:30
Posted by Geoff Johnson
Categories: Computer Group Events
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Regular meeting attenders will be more than fully aware of my dislike of Facebook, but I know that many Club and Society members are users.

Ian Hough tells me that there is a list currently available of genealogical Facebook pages.  Any of you, whether member or not, can download this list:

it seems that it provides a snapshot-list that must also be 'ever-changing'!.  It's enormous!  But I, personally, have extracted the nine pages that specifically cover England. 

Would you please have a look at the webpage and be prepared to discuss its possible uses.

DNA Analysis

I have two DNA pieces that I'll be including in December's NTS. Each presented to me by members.  It's obvious that other people out there have been having far more success with their DNA investigations than I have.

So come along and educate me!

I'd like to discuss ways that I, and hopefully others, can practically utilise the ever developing features of Ancestry's recently introduced Thrulines facility.  Early comments were rather sceptical.  However Lynn McCulloch now tells me “After a shaky start these seem to be working much better now”.  Lynn is clearly having good success, and I'm hoping that she will be coming along to the meeting to enlarge on her experience.

I first took a FamilyTreeDNA test 4 years ago, and followed it up 3 years ago with their Y DNA option.  Then 2 years ago I subsequently undertook The Ancestry DNA option.  Since those beginnings I've done very little, and my personal concern has been one of apparent concern at needing to churn out dozens of contact emails, and then sort out the wheat from the chaff in the replies that I get.  I've shunned from that process.

So I'd appreciate some clear member input and suggestions.  Hopefully others can take advantage of that.

Points I'm hearing about our:  Ancestry’s 'Common Ancestor', colour-matching system, and a means of adding brief notes

I've also, from previous advice, just signed up to GEDmatch, and uploaded both my Ancestry and FamilyTreeDNA files to it.  I'd anticipate that by Wednesday we might be able to see some results.

Geoff Johnson

Computer Group Leader &

Net That Serf Editor