England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1910-1932

England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1910-1932

Find My Past have added England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1910-1932


If you have a FMP subscription then these records, spanning 1910-1919 and consisting of a massive 32 million names and 14 million addresses, are now available to search


Use them to trace ancestors, house history and more.


3 quick tips for exploring electoral registers

  1. The entire indexed collection covers 1910-1932, making it a valuable census substitute
  2. Narrow your search by polling district and constituency to pinpoint an address
  3. The codes on the records represent voting eligibility. You’ll find the meanings on the search page

These newest electoral registers are the perfect precursor to the much-anticipated release of the 1921 Census of England and Wales.

Use them to bridge the gaps in your family tree before the census arrives in early 2022. 

Margaret Roberts

Written by : Margaret Roberts