FHSC Advent Calendar

FHSC Advent Calendar

Once again I'm featuring an Advent Calendar on our social media platforms



During this series of WDYTYA, one of the main themes that came through for me was to ask questions of your relatives, there will come a day when you wish you had and the people won't be there to ask - so with that in mind this year's FHSC advent calendar is going to take the form of:


24 Questions to ask your Loved Ones this Christmas 


with a different question everyday, hopefuly this will also encourage younger generations to get involved.


For those that don't follow our social media accounts I will post a full list of all the questions as a downloadable PDF on the website under the Public Documents section - perhaps if you do hav a go you can let me know how you get on


If you would like to join us on Facebook or Twitter then I would be more than happy to help you sign in and show you how to keep your profile safe - just email me at  


Margaret Roberts

Written by : Margaret Roberts