Bracy/Bracey DNA Study

 I am the administrator of a project investigating the genetic relationships between male holders of the Bracey name and it’s variants. We have recently found a cluster of Bracey/Bracy chaps in the USA who are all the genetic descendants of William Bressee of Isle of Wight County, Virginia in the seventeenth century. 
 The Bracey surname is historically found in three locations in England, South Gloucestershire, Cheshire and Norfolk (apart from a London population from at least 1600 that are considered likely migrants, possibly from all three of those counties). We know that the South Gloucestershire family are genetically distinct from that of the Virginia patriarch and our group would like to probe the relationship between the Cheshire Bressy/Bracey family and these two clusters.

 We are able to offer a free DNA test to any Bracey chap who can demonstrate or believes he is related to a branch of the Cheshire family and I wondered if you might have any members of your Society with Bracey interests who may be able to help us in locating such a DNA donor?
 Kind regards

 John Clement 
 Bracey Y-DNA Project Administrator