Import News re AncestryDNA records

Import News re AncestryDNA records
AncestryDNA is about to delete your potentially relevant small-segment DNA matches.
If you want to know how to Keep AncestryDNA's Small-Segment Matches, then read on.....
From 'late' August 2020, AncestryDNA will start deleting DNA matches who share less than 8 cM with you - unless you have added a note about them, added them to a custom group, or messaged them.
It's an opportunity for Ancestry users to investigate and/or save their smallest matches by adding notes, sending messages, or adding them to a group. Of course, a significant proportion will be spurious matches (which is one of the reasons Ancestry plans to remove them), and there will be many that don't have tress, or have very small trees that are of little practical use.
At the link below there is a strategy to prevent those people from disappearing from accredited researcher & family historian Julie Webster.
Julie also include links to more detailed advice from others with expertise in the matter
Margaret Roberts

Written by : Margaret Roberts