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No Meeting in January

From 09 January 2019 19:30 until 09 January 2019 19:31
Posted by Geoff JOHNSON
Categories: Computer Group Events
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Season’s greetings and just a bit of advance notice of something not happening!

Our next meeting would normally schedule for Wednesday 9th January.

Your Committee and I discussed this, feeling that with the ever increasing celebrations, the date is a bit early.  Several other Groups don’t hold meetings in January.

So we’ve decided to have a month-off!

Our next meeting will therefore be on Wednesday 13th February.

We’ve had an idea for that meeting’s content:   `Brainstorming members’ problems, using all available sources’

You could raise them on the night, but it really needs at least a few people to send in their problems.  If you would advise me beforehand it would be helpful.  We could then have a quick look to test feasibility, and perhaps develop the topic.

Feel free to consider family history matters as well as computing issues.

Just email me with your thoughts.

Who knows, it might even help me with some topics for Net That Serf

You’ve got six weeks to think about it.  See you all in February

Geoff Johnson

Computer Group Leader &

Net That Serf Editor

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