If you wish to buy an item then you will need to log in. To do so you need to either already be a member or have already registered a free account with us.

You can use Register to Buy to get an account.

NB Please don't register an account if you are already able to login to this site as a member or a free website user.

Once you are logged in you can review your purchases and download them from My Sales History above.

Click on SHOP then 


We don't have any CDs or DVDs listed yet.  If you want to look at our books for sale there is a separate downloadable list on this page.  We don't as yet offer online sales of books.


Browse or search for items you wish to purchase

Click on ADD TO CART

Message appears Item Added to Cart, then click on CHECKOUT

Your Billing Address should be entred by Default


Ditto - Shipping Address - you can change this to where you want item to be sent (this will only apply to items to be sent by post


You get a summary of your order, now you can click PLACE YOUR ORDER

I have chosen to pay by PAYPAL so I am taken to PAYPAL login screen

Once payment is approved click on RETURN TO MERCHANT

New Screen shows CHECKOUT RESULT

Now go to MY SALES HISTORY and click on the DOWNLOAD tab to download your purchase

You should then see the download progress in the bottom right hand corner of your browser screen

Once finished you can open it  there an then, but better to save it first and then open it

You can always return to your sales history page to download again if you forget where you saved it on your computer.


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