in Cheshire

The Society's Computer Club is a Group within the Society and is open to all its members.

Its key objectives are to:

  • Provide a forum where computer-using members can exchange views
  • Keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest genealogical software and techniques
  • Present alternative programs and computing methods
  • Discuss computer administration and good-practice
  • Untangle and learn to use new databases (e.g. 1939 Register, 1921 Census)

Club meetings take place only on Zoom.  A major benefit of Zoom meetings is that it allows non-Cheshire based members to join in.  It also enable use the ability to use full online broadband facilities, with members sharing their screen pages. If you want to bone-up on search methods and features in genealogy websites this is the place to be!

Informality is the order of the day and members are actively encouraged to bring along their current technical problems. Chances are that somebody will have an answer, but if not we have been known to spend big chunks of the meeting finding out!

Meetings and topics are seldom pre-arranged very far ahead.  Our general practice is to discuss new websites, members’ own current problems, or generally educating members on getting the best from their computers. We are here to help and learn from each other!  The proposed subject of each meeting is usually announced the week before, by email to Club Members .  Only after that announcement will the details appear in Society Events list (if I remember to add it! - GJ).

A recent innovation has been the introduction of Sub-Groups of the Club; where member specific interests can be more deeply focussed.  These currently incorporate:

  • Publishing our Family History
  • DNA
  • Family Historian users
  • Family Tree Maker users
  • Mac & Reunion users
  • Online Newspapers
  • Windows users.

Sub-group details can be found by becoming a Computer Club member, then looking at Computer Club Documents.

The Computer Club plays a significant role in gathering information and presenting the computer section newsletter, Net that Serf. The quarterly Cheshire Ancestor incorporates this popular magazine. The editor is always in need of letters, requests or even full-length articles submitted for publication. Please direct these to the NTS or Computer Club links.


The Computer Club meets regularly at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month - on Zoom.  

We invariably decide meeting topics at short notice, always trying to meet the members' immediate interests. The Group manages and uses an email distribution list to advise members who are attached to the Computer Club of current plans. Requests for topics to include in upcoming meetings are always welcome. Please use the contact link shown at the foot of this page.

The Group is led by Geoff Johnson; supported by Peter Rowley, Sue Ritchie, Ian Worthington and Ian Hough.