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This was the first project undertaken by the newly formed Dukinfield Group of the Family History Society of Cheshire. Originally it was only to be a survey of the grave yard and a record of the Monumental Inscriptions therein. However the Chapel Council granted unrestricted access to the Chapel Records and so it was decided to include as much reference material as could possibly be squeezed onto a single CD.

As well as the Monumental Inscriptions this includes searchable copies of the various books covering the history of the Chapel and its Sunday school. One of these books ‘Old Chapel and the Unitarian Story’ will be of particular interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about Unitarianism.

Also included are indexed photographic records of the Interment Books 1780-1998 and the Grave Records for the same period together with photographs of both inside and outside the Chapel. In total this download contains over 3000 pages.

The Group is grateful to the Chapel Council for their help and cooperation with this project.


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