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The South Cheshire FHS are proud to be able to host these two important documents on behalf of Derek Whitmore.

The first book for the year 1580 is in the form of scanned pages which can be read directly on-line.

The second book for 1613 has been transcribed by Derek in to a Microsoft Word document which can be downloaded for viewing on your PC. You will need WinZIP to expand the file which is 592,165 bytes in its compressed size.
The ZIP file also includes an Old English font which you may need and instructions for its usage.
If you do not have Microsoft Word, this document can still be viewed by downloading the free viewer program from the Microsoft web site.

For example, looking for the surname Abraham in the 1580 book:

  1. On first page near the bottom, click the letter A in the Index table.
  2. Look for name in the Index. This indicates page 28 for Jane Abraham.
  3. Click on the leftmost arrow at the bottom to get back to the first page.
  4. Click on box 28 in the Page table.
  5. Search for Jane Abraham on page 28.

Visitation of Cheshire 1580 Visitation of Cheshire 1613

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