Download - Cheshire Deaths Abroad

An unusual miscellany of newspaper articles recording the death of persons who originated in Cheshire but passed away overseas.

It is searchable by surname.

It is provided free of charge for an initial period to demonstrate how the shop works.

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Download - Christ Church Alsager MI

This is the output of a recent large reent project to document the memorials in this graveyard.

There are more than 2700 graves dating back to 1791.

This publication inncludes a history of the church, plans of the burial plots, trranscriptions of all the memorials including the war memorial.

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Download - Christ Church Macclesfield Parish Registers

This is a downloadable version of the complete Christ Church CD sold for £10:

MACCLESFIELD CHRIST CHURCH PARISH REGISTERS Index to 43,000+ records; Baptism 1775-1943; Marriage 1889-1982; Burials 1776-1961 Burial grounds 1773-1828

It contains a huge amout of additional information.

It is provided as a zip file that you will need to unzip into a new directory on your computer to get to the files.

Once unzipped you can launch the content by clicking on christchurchintro.html

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Download - Christleton St James MI

this publication is for the Memorial Inscriptions of St James Christleton Plans of the church and graveyard Introduction to Section 2 and church memorial inscriptions Index to church memorial inscriptions Old graveyard memorial inscriptions Index to the old graveyard inscriptions This transcription appears to have been completed in 2001 but it has only just come to light in 2018. An index to the churchyard inscriptions has been added in 2018.

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Download - Congleton Edge Methodist Burial Register & MI

A transcription of the Memorial Inscriptions of the stones in the graveyard

  • A transcription of the Burial Register in burial, grave, name and register order
  • A plan of the chapel
  • A copy of the centenary souvenir 1989

Completed 2010

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Download - Congleton St Peter MI

St Peter MI’s and Pew Allotments

  • A transcription of the Memorial Inscriptions of all sections of the graveyard
  • A transcription of the Memorial Inscriptions inside the Church
  • Plans of the graveyard sections
  • A transcription of the pew allotments 1766 and 1840
  • Photographs

Final part completed 2012

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Download - Congleton St Stephen MI

St Stephens

  • · A transcription of the Memorial Inscriptions inside and out
  • · A transcription of the burial register
  • · Some photographs of the church and church yard

Completed 2001

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Download - Crowton Christ Church MI

A Transcript of the Monumental Inscriptions of Christ Church, Crowton by the Family History Society of Cheshire (1992). Contents. Photograph of the Church. List of Project Volunteers. List of Abbreviations Used in the Transcriptions. Example of a Transcript. Plans of the Graveyard. Monumental Inscriptions. Index of People recorded on Monumental Inscriptions. Index of Places other than Crowton recorded on Monumental Inscriptions (Including specific names of houses, farms, streets etc). Please Note: Despite the fact that aD. monumental inscriptions are recorded and checked carefully, on some, details are difficult to dechiper and there is a possibility that incorrect details have recorded.

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Download - Daresbury All Saints New Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions

A transcript of the memorial inscriptionsof the new part of the cemetery for All Saints Daresbury


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