Download - Great Warford Baptist Chapel MI

Download - Great Warford Baptist Chapel MI

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The Baptist Church is one of the oldest and largest Protestant groups in the world. Great Warford claims it began in 1668 but it may have been older.

In 1691 two years after the Act of Toleration the Baptists acquired a plot of land at Mottram St. Andrew, about 5 miles away, to be used as a burial ground. The graves can still be seen in Oak Lane and date from 1691 to 1755.

The Chapel at Great Warford is probably the oldest building in continuous use for Baptist worship in the whole of England. In 1712 John Roylance, a Baptist from Hill Cliffe near Warrington, assigned part of a field with a cottage and barn to the Great Warford Baptists for a term of 1000 years paying 2 shillings at the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary. The barn was altered to become a chapel but this was halved in 1813 when the building was divided to make a home for the minister.

The oldest gravestone is marked 1671 HB. The sundial dates from 1813, the same year the barn was divided.

More land was acquired in 1878 and the wall around the graveyard was built. Then in 1933 more land was bought and it is here that the most recent graves are to be found.

The Chapel is Grade II listed and can be found on Merryman's Lane in the village of Great Warford.