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Has your password been compromised?

Many of you will be aware that there are never ending stories in the news of breaches of customer records in major companies.

In some cases these may mean your user identity or password credentials may have been compromised.

There is a database of compromised passwords that can be checked to ensure you don't use a compromised password on a website.

In an attempt to protect you we have implemented checks against this database when you register for the site or attempt to change your password.



Emails Now Fully Working From Website - UPDATED

6th October 2017


All email issues now fully resolved. Normal FHSC branded formatting now operational again.





25 Sep 2017

Hurrah - All email dependent features are now operational again .......................... however:


- formatting of these is now very plain and not FHSC branded but at least the site is fully usable again

- I am working with the author of the problematic software and am hopeful of a new release of the code that will allow the FHSC branded emails to be back in action very soon

- Contact Us is now back in action so please use that for any further contacts





Dear All

Following the news that password resets aren't working, I can now confirma that the following list of features that rely on us being able to send emails are currently not working:

- Forgotten Username

- Forgotten Password

- Registering as a new website user confirmation emails not arriving

- Contact Us emails not being sent

- Confirmation emails re membership renewals, etc are not being sent


Please be patient whilst we try and rectify the issues.


If you need to contact us then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Keeping Your Email Address and Other Details Accurate

We have made a change to the web-site today to ensure any changes to your email address that need to be applied are done so robustly.


The Member Admin menu now contains a new facility called:

Update Email Address

This replace the ability change your email address via:

My Subscription

The new option also allow you to change your password and username. These continue to be also available via My Subscription.


A version of your name also exists on this  Update Email Address new option but this is not linked in any way to your name in membership details on My Subscription. As such you can leave as is or change it to suit. It is currenly only created at the time you registered and is of no further use at this time.

My Subscription now also offers improved ways of entering your name details. We have added  Title and Initials fields.


NOTE : Please use this opportunity to check that all of your details are correct and make any changes that you find are necessary. If they arent then you may not be able to receive letters/emails/newsletters for us and we wont be able to contact you re any issues with your membership.


If you have any queries please contact the web administrator available via the Contact Us facility.


Cheshire Surnames

Today I fixed issues with some links to Cheshire Surnames, especially registered users.

The link in the top menu was broken and has been removed.

The link in Quick Links was also broken and has been replaced by two links. One for your surnames and one to search the surnames.

The links are also now shown to all logged in users including paid members.

13 March 2017 Changes

1. Access enabled from Japan.

2. Login and Logout subtly changed:

- Single Login/Logout menu item in top menu in an attempt to workaround issues seen by some users when logging in.

-  Help added on Login and logout pages to explain two reasons for login failure and how to deal with them

- Reset password on entry form changed to make it clearer what to do

- Text in reset password email changed to make it clearer what to do 

26 February 2017 Changes

Today we launch a major change to the operation  of FHSC.

1. Membership can now be initiated directly from the website with payments accepted online using PayPal or debit/credit card.

Check out the Membership Options menu item for what is available and help on how to join..

This will greatly speed up your ability to join the society.

2. Existing members can now choose to renew their membership using these same additional payment methods. If you do this please remember to cancel ALL your standing orders in favour of FHSC. 

Check out My Subscription on the My Membership menu.

3. You can also upgrade your class of membership, e.g. from Digital to Printed Cheshire Ancestor.

Again check out My Subscription on the My Membership menu.

4. We would encourage all members to move to making their subscription payments online via the new payment methods as it will greatly assist in the smooth running of the society. The benefits include:

- you will always pay the correct payment that is due 

- no need to worry about changing/cancelling standing orders as subscription fees change over time

- no worries about paying multiple times in a given year as some members do now because they have multiple standing orders set up

- increase in speed of turnaround and removal of manual errors in processing the hundreds of standing orders and cheques that need to be processed every 1st July

5. The previous offline payment methods are still available, via standing order/bank transfer/cheque, but it is hoped that the volume of people using these will drop significantly.

February 18th 2017 Changes

1. The Mobberley Research Centre has been offering a lookup service to FHSC members for some time now, with access via postal request or email.

From today you can now order a lookup from our baptisms/marriages/burials/memorial inscriptions via an online service with payment via Paypal or card.

You can access the service from:

  • the FHSC Shortcuts menu on the home page
  • the Research menu on the Mobberley page
  • the Research options on your My Subscription menu


2. This is the first use of the online shop and so a My Cart feature will appear on some pages.

Email Addresses

EE, the company that took over Orange, has announced that all of the email addresses associated with Orange and Freeserve are to be closed in May. The addresses are those which end in any of the following:


I am aware that a number of our members will be affected by this. Please ensure you check your email address on My Subscription and update it with a replacement.

Accessibility Tool Launched

Today we launch an accessibility tool that will aid those with eyesight difficulties to  use the website.

It includes features to allow contrast and font size to be changed.

It also provides the capability for any text that has been highlighted to be read aloud.

You will access the tool via the new blue Screen Reader icon in the bottom right of all screens.

Clicking on it will bring up the full menu of options.

You can add comments to this news item to give feedback on its usability. It has a number of options to change the configuration but I obviously need feedback from those with sight difficulties in order to assess its effectiveness.

See: for full details of the tools.

Birkenhead Group Is Now Closed

NOTE - The Birkenhead Group of the Family History SOciety of Cheshire is no longer meeting. It was formally closed on the 29th January at the Quarterly Meeting of the FHSC Committee. If you have any queries then please contact the FHSC Chairman via Contact Us in the top menu bar.

The webmaster has already changed your affiliation to 'Unattached' from Birkenhead.

Members can use My Subscription to change their affiliation to a different local group or leave it set it to Unattached.

EMail and Website Security

Many of you will have recently received a number of emails and newsletters from us.


Some of you, including committee members, are rightly concerned that these may not have come from your society - especially as the old site was less able to send emails.


I have written the first of a series of help information in order to allay fears and provide you information to help you decide whether the emails you receive are genuine.


You will find these accessable via the FAQ menu in the top menu or by clicking HERE.


They can be found in the Security category.


Please keep checking back as I will add a number of others over the next week.

Cheshire Surnames Resurrected

Non-members can now register so they can use the replacement Cheshire Surnames that was very popular. Click HERE to register.

Once you are registered go to My Membership on the main menu to find the Surnames facilities.

Please provide feedback on the facility by adding comments to this blog (only visible once you are logged in).

If you opt to become a fully paid up member the you can add and search members' surname interests worldwide.

This is quite a new feature and it will become progressively more useful as members continue to add the names they are researching.

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