Society of Genealogists are Moving

Society of Genealogists are Moving
Society of Genealogists: new premises announcement
The Society of Genealogists has announced it has given notice to the landlords at its current premises, with the details of the final days available to visitors released.
In an announcement on its website The Society of Genealogists (SoG) chairman Ed Percival, writes that as part of a ‘once in a generation’ transformation, the society will be moving to a new home sooner than originally thought.
Whilst the new address hasn’t yet been announced, SOG is ‘focusing on staying in London’ and will be closing its doors for a few months after the final opening day for members at Charterhouse Buildings on 17 July 2021.
The announcement also states that people will be invited to join the society’s new membership system in early July and, with the launch of a new website, be able to enjoy full access to SoG data online.
To read the full announcment follow the link below