Handy Latin Words

Handy Latin Words

Find My Past recently added a tranche of Catholic Church Records to their Collection


Quite a lot of the older records are written in Latin - which is nowadays considered, by many people, an extinct language, but it's useful to know some basics when searching the Catholic records. So below are listed some words that crop up on a regualr basis and a 'rough' translation as a guide. There are varations according to nominative, accusative and genitive use of a noun, as well as plural and singular.  If you wish to view a more detailed and nuanced list of the translation of Latin then pop along to the FamilySearch guide [link at the bottom of this post]

Nomen ~ Name [Christain name]

Cognomen ~ Surname

Filius ~ Son

Filia ~ Daughter

Die ~ Day

Mensis ~ Month

Anno ~ Year

Biptizatus/baptizata  - Baptised [Male/Female]

Matrimonium ~ Marriage 

Sepultum est ~ Was Buried

Pater ~ Father

Mater ~ Mother

Patrinus Fuit ~ Godfather [he was godfather]

Matrina Fuit ~ Godmother [she was godmother]





Margaret Roberts

Written by : Margaret Roberts