Guild of One Name Studies May Seminar

Guild of One Name Studies May Seminar
The Guild of One Name Studies seminar on Saturday 16th May will now be run online and free of charge for anyone who wants to view within one week of 16th May; after that the presentations will only be available for guild members.
“On the Wrong Side of the Law”.

From big time villain to petty thief, we can probably all find one or two ancestors who didn’t manage to keep on the straight and narrow. We were return to the West Country to discover more about the working of the criminal justice system, the court and prison records that will help us track down individuals, including those sent abroad, and to explore the fascinating links between crime writing and genealogy.

We are delighted to now offer a web based version of this seminar, not quite as originally planned, but definitely of interest, especially if you are looking to see if any of your own family fell foul of the law.

For quite obvious reasons, not all of our original presenters have been in a position to prepare a presentation. We fully understand that and thank them for their support for the Guild; maybe we can hear from them on another occasion but in the meantime you can see their websites below.  Thanks to those who have so kindly provided something for us, Aoife O’Connor, Michelle Patient and Richard Heaton, and to Nick Crowson who has allowed us to use an earlier presentation.

We will launch all of these presentations here on 16 May at 10.00am. You may watch them at any time over the next 7 days (at which time they will be only available to Guild members in the members room).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Guild ‘Rogues Gallery’ of criminal ancestors displayed on the Guild site; they were set a tough task, to write on just one side of A4, but these potted histories give a real insight into aspects of the criminal justice system experienced by our ancestors.


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