Keeping Your Email Address and Other Details Accurate

We have made a change to the web-site today to ensure any changes to your email address that need to be applied are done so robustly.


The Member Admin menu now contains a new facility called:

Update Email Address

This replace the ability change your email address via:

My Subscription

The new option also allow you to change your password and username. These continue to be also available via My Subscription.


A version of your name also exists on this  Update Email Address new option but this is not linked in any way to your name in membership details on My Subscription. As such you can leave as is or change it to suit. It is currenly only created at the time you registered and is of no further use at this time.

My Subscription now also offers improved ways of entering your name details. We have added  Title and Initials fields.


NOTE : Please use this opportunity to check that all of your details are correct and make any changes that you find are necessary. If they arent then you may not be able to receive letters/emails/newsletters for us and we wont be able to contact you re any issues with your membership.


If you have any queries please contact the web administrator available via the Contact Us facility.