26 February 2017 Changes

Today we launch a major change to the operation  of FHSC.

1. Membership can now be initiated directly from the website with payments accepted online using PayPal or debit/credit card.

Check out the Membership Options menu item for what is available and help on how to join..

This will greatly speed up your ability to join the society.

2. Existing members can now choose to renew their membership using these same additional payment methods. If you do this please remember to cancel ALL your standing orders in favour of FHSC. 

Check out My Subscription on the My Membership menu.

3. You can also upgrade your class of membership, e.g. from Digital to Printed Cheshire Ancestor.

Again check out My Subscription on the My Membership menu.

4. We would encourage all members to move to making their subscription payments online via the new payment methods as it will greatly assist in the smooth running of the society. The benefits include:

- you will always pay the correct payment that is due 

- no need to worry about changing/cancelling standing orders as subscription fees change over time

- no worries about paying multiple times in a given year as some members do now because they have multiple standing orders set up

- increase in speed of turnaround and removal of manual errors in processing the hundreds of standing orders and cheques that need to be processed every 1st July

5. The previous offline payment methods are still available, via standing order/bank transfer/cheque, but it is hoped that the volume of people using these will drop significantly.