How do I login to the site?


  • You can only login if you have registered for a Membership account, i.e you are a full member or website registered member of the Family History Society of Cheshire.
  • Click on the Login button above. You will be prompted for a Username and Password.
  • Username = This can be either your membership number or a username you set up when you set up your account
  • Password = This is the Password that you setup for your Membership account
  • If you don't already have an acount, you can also use the login button to register as a website user only, by clicking on the REGISTER BUTTON.  You may choose to become a fully paid up member later
  • Alternatively you can click on Membership and read Membership Options, then Click on Website User to register.
  • Underneath the login form there are options you can use if:  you can’t remember your login details, or if you haven’t got an account.

If you are already a member and have never used this new site yet, the first time you use the website you will have to set up your password.  It wasn't possible to transfer passwords from our old website. See  the separate FAQ about resetting passwords.


After you have successfully logged in you can go to My Membership/My Profile  to see the information we have stored about your membership.  You can  change details as you wish by clicking on Edit Profile.


If you are having trouble logging in then its usually because you need to reset your password.

There are two ways to action this:

  • click on the login button and then you will see a Forgot Password?  link
  • click on Membership in the main menu then Forgotten Password

Then :

  • On the next screen enter your email address and then click on submit.
  • Now look for an email from us.
  • If you cant find it then check in your junk/spam folder.
  • If you dont receive it then please contact the Web Administrator via Contact Us as it usually means we dont have your latest email address.
  • If you do get the email then click on the blue link which will take you back directly to our website to reset your password.
  • You will be taken to a verification email with a long name already pre entered.  Here enter your username  in the top field, then you will be taken to a page to choose your new password
  • Please make this a strong password: at least 8 characters long with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols

If you can't remember your Username click on Forgotten my Username enter you email address.  A return email will be sent to you showing your username.  This will be either your membership number or a dedicated Username you set for yourself.

Once successfully singed in you can always revisit your information by clicking on My Membership - My Profile




If you wish to buy an item then you will need to log in. To do so you need to either already be a member or have already registered a free account with us.

You can use Register to Buy to get an account.

NB Please don't register an account if you are already able to login to this site as a member or a free website user.

Once you are logged in you can review your purchases and download them from My Sales History above.


Click on SHOP then 


We don't have any CDs or DVDs listed yet.  If you want to look at our books for sale there is a separate downloadable list on this page.  We don't as yet offer online sales of books.


Browse or search for items you wish to purchase

Click on ADD TO CART

Message appears Item Added to Cart, then click on CHECKOUT

Your Billing Address should be entred by Default


Ditto - Shipping Address - you can change this to where you want item to be sent (this will only apply to items to be sent by post


You get a summary of your order, now you can click PLACE YOUR ORDER

I have chosen to pay by PAYPAL so I am taken to PAYPAL login screen

Once payment is approved click on RETURN TO MERCHANT

New Screen shows CHECKOUT RESULT

Now go to MY SALES HISTORY and click on the DOWNLOAD tab to download your purchase

You should then see the download progress in the bottom right hand corner of your browser screen

Once finished you can open it  there an then, but better to save it first and then open it

You can always return to your sales history page to download again if you forget where you saved it on your computer.



This is very easy to do online.

Login to the website.

On the My Membership menu you will find My Subscription, click on it.

At the bottom of the page you will find Renewal and Upgrade options.


Click on the upgrade  option for the Printed Cheshire Ancestor and then the Upgrade button.

You can pay using:

- PayPal

- Credit/Debit Card

- Sending the money to the Renewals Officer by cheque/funds transfer


The first two are preferred as the upgrade will be processed instantaneously.


Once you have a paid membership the My Membership Menu becomes your personal intereative space on the website.

My Profile- gives you access to your profile and subscription history, your membership number and allows you to register for Gift aid.
Change Your Username and Password- allows you to do just that.

My Membership record and My Contact details - self explanatory
My Groups - didsplays a slide out menu of any groups you have decided to follow*

Renew?Subscibe/Upgrade - self explanatory

My FHSC Forum Profile

My History - just that a history of your activity on our website

Research- Search Surnames  and connect to others researching the same surnames and or add your own names.

*My Groups" - You are allowed to follow more than one group. For instance you may attend one group but have research interests in other areas. You are also autmatically setting up to receive occasional newsletters from these groups.- See separate FAQ about Newsletter Subscriptions.

How Do I Join FHSC?

How Do I Renew my Membership?

Forgotten my Username

Forgotten my Password






The Family History Society of Cheshire is a registered charity (#515168) and is able to obtain a tax refund at the standard rate of income tax on all past/present/future subscriptions paid under GIFT AID at NO extra cost to the member.  The member must pay an amount  of UK income and/or capital gains tax equal to the amount of tax the Society will reclaim in each tax year or they will be liable to pay the difference.

You can make your declaration when filling in a subscription form to join, renew or upgrade your membership of the FHSC. You can also change your status at any time, e.g. when your tax paying status changes, by editing your profile on the 'My Subscription' menuitem of the 'My Membership' menu. An audit trail of changes to the values are kept for use when making claims:

- Select Y in the Gift Aid Field to confirm you are a UK taxpayer and willing for us claim Gift Aid on all present/future subscriptions and those from the last 4 years.

- Select N if you are not a UK taxpayer or you are but unwilling/unable for us to claim Gift Aid on your behalf.

NB From 6th April 2016 it should be noted that dividend tax credits can no longer be used to satisfy the condition of paying sufficient tax to cover the gift aid.


We enforce some simple rules to ensure your passwords are complex enough to make them harder to crack.

A password must:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • contain at least one number
  • contain at least one upper case character
  • contain at least one symbol

This is important to make sure our information remains safe and secure - we take security very seriously.


The new web-site allows, and needs, the use of secure and reliable email communications between the members/website users and the society.

Please be aware that the new website will make heavy use of email, e.g.:


  • Newsletters
  • Emails regarding password resets or forgotten usernames
  • Emails from users trying to contact us via the Contact Us option on the top menu
  • Shop related emails once it launches
  • Subscription reminders/confirmations
  • Cheshire Surnames and Members Interests Emails


In order to provide confidence in our emails that you receive we have put in place industry standard email security systems to prevent emails being sent in our name from none approved sources. At present the only approved sources are 1&1 (the company that hosts our webs site) and Elastic Email (our bulk mail company). The origination of emails outside of these sources triggers emails to our webmaster advising of potential issues. 

All emails will originate from an (primainly ) email address and, because of my security settings, will only be able to have come from one of our approved sources.

All our bulk emails will address members by name and not email address or Dear User.

The only links in emails will be initially be back to our website, even if they then go on to an external site.

If you hover the mouse cursor over a link the urls will alway start with  or be email address links.


Please be confident we are expending extensive time and effort to ensure our communications are robust and secure.


If you are able to whitelist our bulk email addresses then please do so:


Technical Notes

All of bulk email will only come from a private IP address that is unique to us:

We use the industry standard DKIM/SPF/DMARC.

This is to ensure our emails are not treated as SPAM and to prevent any possible blacklisting of our domain.



840 hits

The site offers a number of Newsletters, each for a specific purpose. Each is linked to a list of users (mailing list) that want to take that newsletter. The volume of newsletter lists is to ensure you only get email into your inbox that is of interest to you.

The majority of emails are there for you to subscribe to but there are a few that we automatically subscribe you to when you join the site for the first time. This is to ensure we have an immediate channel of communication open, even if you later decide to unsubscribe from it.

You can find the list of newsletters available to you by going to My Newsletters.

This page allows you to manage your subscriptions i.e;

  • subscribe/unsubscribe to each newsletter
  • decide whethe to receive HTML or ext based emails

Each newsletter you receive will give you a link to use to unsubscribe from further newsletters of that type if you wish. this is a legal requirement with regard to bulk email.

The list of available newsletters will vary depending on type of membership and which FHSC Groups you are following, e.g. to be able to subscribe to the Macclesfield Group Newsletter you need to be affiliated to them or be following them.


NB: The most important Newsletter for members who have signed up for Digital Cheshire Ancestor is :

FHSC Digital Cheshire Ancestor Recipients

as without subscribing to this you wont know when the next edition has been published.


I have created a customised template for all of our newsletters. It will contain information personal to your account so that you can be assured it is from us. This includes:

- your real name as registered with us

- your website user name

- the date you last logged in


Hopefully this will assure you of the origin.

All links will be either to a valid email address or start with a dedicated fhsc sub domain that you can check by hovering the cursor over without clicking on it. They will all start:

followed by a number of other characters depending on what the link will take you to. If it doesnt start with  the above its' not from us and you should use the Contact Us facility on the website to contact the webmaster.


As a further check ALL valid newsletters sent from us to you will be available to you in archive form on the website.


Check out My Newsletter Archive on the My Membership menu. You will be able to get to all the newsletters you have ever received, even if you have subsequently unsubscibed.


Send an email to our webmaster via Contact Us. We can then give you access to a screen reader. This will appear as a small minimised widget in the bottom right-hand side of the homepage screen. Click and it will open up to give you Options  to increase the size of text, alter colour contrast and even highlight blocks of text to read it to you (though this facility is a little clunky). It works well with most browsers, but if not get back to us for further suggestions.


If you are  logged in then the 'My Membership' menu includes the information stored about you membership of our Society, you can change anything here such as password, username, email address etc. Click on My Membership > Member Admin > My Profile then Edit Profile to change any of this information.  This is your own personal space on our website and will keep a record of your activities as a reminder.


Please contact Kevin Dean:

He will ensure that members are properly removed from our database so that:

  • The member being removed from all subsequent emails from the site including removal from any mailing lists they were a member of
  • No chasers for renewal will be sent.
  • No further printed Cheshire Ancestors will be sent.