Once you have a paid membership the My Membership Menu becomes your personal intereative space on the website.

My Profile- gives you access to your profile and subscription history, your membership number and allows you to register for Gift aid.
Change Your Username and Password- allows you to do just that.

My Membership record and My Contact details - self explanatory
My Groups - didsplays a slide out menu of any groups you have decided to follow*

Renew?Subscibe/Upgrade - self explanatory

My FHSC Forum Profile

My History - just that a history of your activity on our website

Research- Search Surnames  and connect to others researching the same surnames and or add your own names.

*My Groups" - You are allowed to follow more than one group. For instance you may attend one group but have research interests in other areas. You are also autmatically setting up to receive occasional newsletters from these groups.- See separate FAQ about Newsletter Subscriptions.

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