The new web-site allows, and needs, the use of secure and reliable email communications between the members/website users and the society.

Please be aware that the new website will make heavy use of email, e.g.:


  • Newsletters
  • Emails regarding password resets or forgotten usernames
  • Emails from users trying to contact us via the Contact Us option on the top menu
  • Shop related emails once it launches
  • Subscription reminders/confirmations
  • Cheshire Surnames and Members Interests Emails


In order to provide confidence in our emails that you receive we have put in place industry standard email security systems to prevent emails being sent in our name from none approved sources. At present the only approved sources are 1&1 (the company that hosts our webs site) and Elastic Email (our bulk mail company). The origination of emails outside of these sources triggers emails to our webmaster advising of potential issues. 

All emails will originate from an (primainly ) email address and, because of my security settings, will only be able to have come from one of our approved sources.

All our bulk emails will address members by name and not email address or Dear User.

The only links in emails will be initially be back to our website, even if they then go on to an external site.

If you hover the mouse cursor over a link the urls will alway start with  or be email address links.


Please be confident we are expending extensive time and effort to ensure our communications are robust and secure.


If you are able to whitelist our bulk email addresses then please do so:


Technical Notes

All of bulk email will only come from a private IP address that is unique to us:

We use the industry standard DKIM/SPF/DMARC.

This is to ensure our emails are not treated as SPAM and to prevent any possible blacklisting of our domain.




The site offers a number of Newsletters, each for a specific purpose. Each is linked to a list of users (mailing list) that want to take that newsletter. The volume of newsletter lists is to ensure you only get email into your inbox that is of interest to you.

The majority of emails are there for you to subscribe to but there are a few that we automatically subscribe you to when you join the site for the first time. This is to ensure we have an immediate channel of communication open, even if you later decide to unsubscribe from it.

You can find the list of newsletters available to you by going to My Newsletters.

This page allows you to manage your subscriptions i.e;

  • subscribe/unsubscribe to each newsletter
  • decide whethe to receive HTML or ext based emails

Each newsletter you receive will give you a link to use to unsubscribe from further newsletters of that type if you wish. this is a legal requirement with regard to bulk email.

The list of available newsletters will vary depending on type of membership and which FHSC Groups you are following, e.g. to be able to subscribe to the Macclesfield Group Newsletter you need to be affiliated to them or be following them.


NB: The most important Newsletter for members who have signed up for Digital Cheshire Ancestor is :

FHSC Digital Cheshire Ancestor Recipients

as without subscribing to this you wont know when the next edition has been published.


I have created a customised template for all of our newsletters. It will contain information personal to your account so that you can be assured it is from us. This includes:

- your real name as registered with us

- your website user name

- the date you last logged in


Hopefully this will assure you of the origin.

All links will be either to a valid email address or start with a dedicated fhsc sub domain that you can check by hovering the cursor over without clicking on it. They will all start:

followed by a number of other characters depending on what the link will take you to. If it doesnt start with  the above its' not from us and you should use the Contact Us facility on the website to contact the webmaster.


As a further check ALL valid newsletters sent from us to you will be available to you in archive form on the website.


Check out My Newsletter Archive on the My Membership menu. You will be able to get to all the newsletters you have ever received, even if you have subsequently unsubscibed.