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You will notice that there are basically three different types of events; in-person, Group Zoom Meeting or FHSC Seminars. 

  • For the in-person events, you just need to make a note of the time and place and attend on the evening
  • Group Zooms - contact the group leader to ask to be sent the Zoom links for the meeting
  • FHSC Seminars - are organised slightly differently and you need to register beforehand via the website. Registration for each Seminar opens on the 1st of the month, you will be notified by newsletter. Simply log in using your user name and password, scroll down to the Seminar event, click on the blue title and then click on the Join button, followed by the Save button, you will receive a confirmation email and the Zoom links will be sent out 2 days prior to the meeting.

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  • July 2022
  • From 26 July 2022 19:30 until 26 July 2022 21:30
    At Wellington St, Macclesfield SK11 6PH, UK Categories: Macclesfield Group Events Tags: Macclesfield
    This talk describes the history of Spanish flu from its original source to the end. In so doing, the difference between viruses and bacteria is highlighted. It also covers some of the effects in Congleton. Finally, Covid is compared and contrasted with Spanish flu.
  • August 2022
  • From 17 August 2022 19:15 until 17 August 2022 21:15
    Rebecca currently holds a chair in Law at Exeter University and specialises in the history of marriage in England and Wales. She has published extensively and her monograph Marriage Law & Practice in the Long Eighteenth Century: A Reassessment is widely accepted among legal historians as having overturned previous understandings of the history of common law marriage. She has appeared a number of times on the popular BBC series Who Do You Think You Are?, drawing on her research into the law relating to bigamy and divorce to provide advice to Kim Cattrall, Martin Shaw, Maggie Beer and Olivia Colman on their ancestors’ legal entanglements. She has also appeared on A House Through Time, Historic Houses, Harlots, Heroines and Housewives, and Heirhunters. This presentation will aim to help the family historian unravel tricky points of legal history relating to divorce, cohabitation, and bigamy. ***** This event is for members only and registration opens on Monday 1st.August and closes on Monday 15th. August REMBEMBER you need to be logged into the website using your user name and password to register, Then please click on the title of this Seminar, then click ‘Join’, followed by ‘Save’ – You will receive an email confirmation of your request to attend the talk and the zoom links/meeting protocol will be forwarded 2 days prior to the talk. If you run into any difficulties with this then please contact us on the dedicated seminar email address – or see the 'Seminar Talks and how to Register' section under 'Online Talks and Meetings' in the FAQ section of the website. The Seminar series is co-ordinated by Margaret Spate, Jean Laidlaw and Margaret Roberts and ALL correspondence, queries etc should be sent to the dedicated email address -
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