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FHSC Seminars: Christmas and the British by Prof Martin Johnes

From 15 December 2021 19:30 until 15 December 2021 21:30
Posted by Margaret Roberts
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A renowned historian, author and TV presenter of popular culture in modern Britain, Martin’s landmark 2019 BBC series ‘Wales: England’s Colony’ was a big success. This talk centres around Martin’s best-selling book ‘Christmas and the British: A Modern History’, in which he illustrates how Christmas and its traditions have been lived, adapted, and thought about in Britain since 1914. An entertaining look at how we celebrate the season. **********This Event is for Members only and registration opens on 1st December and closes on 12th December. REMEMBER you need to be logged into the website in order to register.. To register, please click on the title of this Seminar, then click ‘Join’, followed by ‘Save’ – You will receive a confirmation email and the Zoom links/meeting protocol will be forwarded two days prior to the talk. If you run into any difficulties with this then please contact us on the seminar email [see below] or visit the 'Seminar Talks and how to Register' section under 'Online Talks and Meetings' in the FAQ section of the website.. The Seminar series is co-ordinated by Margaret Spate, Jean Laidlaw and Margaret Roberts and ALL correspondence, queries etc should be sent to the dedicated email address -   NOT A MEMBER? Why not join, for £18 a year you will be able to attend all 12 seminars as well as all the other benefits that being an FHSC member includes. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to record talks in this series