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Computer Club June Meeting on Zoom

From 09 June 2021 19:30 until 09 June 2021 21:40
Posted by Geoff Johnson
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For Zoom connection details please contact 

Our 25th Year Celebration Meeting

See NTS June  page 51

The source of Net That Serf’s name discovered!

Note please that, for all 25 years, our meetings have been held on the second Wednesday of each month.  My system won’t allow me to forget: it’s a perpetual setting – with reminders – in my computer calendar.  Is it on yours?

A very recent email asked me “Can you please tell me if there is a meeting in June?”  I responded stressing that apart from occasional January meetings falling too close after Christmas it’s always the SECOND WEDNESDAY of the month.

We’ll always highlight missing meetings such as Xmas gaps or the Covid panic in April 2020.  Since May 2020 we’ve been back on schedule.

I must stress that my life patterns don’t work to create Club plans far ahead.  Setting meeting agendas is very much a job!

Sub group Reviews

Useful updates and comments please

Cheshire DNA

Has Judith hankey's piece in NTS - Cheshire DNA on Facebook helped anybody?

Any other success reports on DNA hits please?

FT Analyzer input to Lost Cousins ( NTS p57)

Has anyone aside from Victoria found the time to make this work?

Family Historian Query feature to create a Lost Cousins `worklist'

See Peter Rowley's NTS piece on June page 61

Downloads and browser variance

Some virus checkers don’t always like downloads.  Try another browser!

Tutorial discussion on Snagit and/or Irfanview   Time allowing!

Geoff Johnson

Computer Group Leader &

Net That Serf Editor

Family History Society of Cheshire