Online Renewal

1.       Login to the website.

2.       Browse to Renew/Subscribe/Upgrade on the “My Membership” menu

3.       You will see a single list of all the membership classes and whether you can renew it, upgrade to it or subscribe to it.

4.       Subscribe options will only appear if you don’t have an active membership, i.e. your current membership has expired. If you want to change to a cheaper class of membership, e.g. from printed to digital, then you will need to wait for these to appear.

5.       Renew options will only appear 150 days before your active membership is about to expire. You can choose to renew any membership classes you have previously used.

6.       Upgrade options allow you to move to a higher class of membership mid-year, for example from digital to printed Cheshire Ancestor by paying the difference in price. NB this is not cost effective late in a membership year (1st July- 30th June) as it expires at the end of the membership year.

7.       Payments can be made by PayPal/card payment/standing order/cheque - just choose the appropriate option on the payment page.

NB: The option for PayPal also offers Payment by card without the need for a PayPal account.

Renewal by Standing Order/Cheque

1.       If you RENEW by standing order or sending a cheque, then there is no absolute need to do anything via the site to renew as arrival of the payment will trigger your renewal.

2.       However, there is no harm in using the online renewal process and choosing the Offline Payment method as this signals your intention to renew.

3.       Using the online renewal method will trigger emails that include details of how to pay as we periodically must change the address to post cheques to.

4.       When renewing/upgrading via offline payments please ensure your payment value is correct.

5.       If you decide to change your payment method from standing order to some other method, then please ensure you cancel your standing order with your bank


NB: If you need to change any of your details, e.g. address/telephone number/email address/Gift Aid status then you can do this yourself via My Profile. It is recommended you check the details we hold before you Rnew/Subscibe/Upgrade to ensure all communications with you go to the correct destination.




Account Name : The Family History Society of Cheshire

Account Number : 22835506

Sort Code: 09-01-51

Please quote your membership number in the reference field for the payment


Send a cheque made payable to “FHS of Cheshire” to:

Kevin Dean, 7 Fields Drive, Sandbach, CW11 1YB

Please quote your membership number as a reference on the back of the cheque


NB To find your membership number navigate to My Membership/Member Admin/My Profile and look at the FHSC Membership tab

Membership Term

All new paid subscriptions to the Family History Society of Cheshire run from the date of joining for one year.


Your will be assumed to have cancelled your membership if payment is not received within 3 months of the expiry of the 12 months membership. If cancelled you will be able to renew your membership at a future date and will have access to the website as a web user in the interim.


Read the table above to decide which class of membership you want , then click the relevant link on the menu above to join online.

NB: If you wish to join as a Website User only then either:

- click on the Login Button and choose the Register button


- click on Website User above and then use the registration button

Alternatively you may want to join by post by printing off Membership Application Form June 2019   pdf Membership Application Form June 2019 (170 KB)


NB Current form doesnt yet conform to the new membership term but will be replaced shortly.