Macclesfield Reflects

‘Macclesfield Reflects…’ WWI Project
‘Macclesfield Reflects…’ project members are researching the history of the
Macclesfield area during the early 1900s to discover the stories of those who
lived or died during the Great War and ensure they are not forgotten.
The Macclesfield Group is assisting with the ‘Macclesfield Reflects…’ project by:
transcribing local WWI - related records held in Cheshire Archives, collecting
local WWI - related information from individuals and old newspapers, assisting
local churches with research into the names on their war memorials, uploading
information to the website at, producing local
WWI displays and providing a research helpdesk at some events.
If you have any memories, photos, or documents about someone from the
Macclesfield area who was involved in WWI in any way and you would like
to share this information, please get in touch. The project group also has some
unidentified photos on the website - click on ‘Can you Help?’ to view them. If
you can identify the people or the location, please let us know. The contact
email address is