FHSC Seminars: A Plague on All Your Houses: Epidemic Disease and our Ancestors by Dr Janet Few

From 20 July 2022 19:15 until 20 July 2022 21:30
Posted by Jean Laidlaw
Janet is the current President of the Family History Federation and Chair of Devon FHS. Janet is an experienced and qualified family, social and community historian who lectures regularly on these subjects throughout the UK and overseas. She has spoken at many national and international genealogical events and is also a well-known author. Janet makes a welcome return to FHSC with this presentation which examines the symptoms, prognoses, and treatments for a number of well-known and less well-known epidemic diseases from the Black Death to the influenza of 1918. It mentions some of the relevant records and considers how our ancestors might have reacted.   This event is for members only and registration opens on 1 July  and closes on  18 July REMBEMBER you need to be logged into the website using your user name and password to register, Then please click on the title of this Seminar, then click ‘Join’, followed by ‘Save’ – You will receive an email confirmation of your request to attend the talk and the zoom links/meeting protocol will be forwarded 2 days prior to the talk.  If you run into any difficulties with this then please contact us on the dedicated seminar email address – or see the 'Seminar Talks and how to Register' section under 'Online Talks and Meetings' in the FAQ section of the website. The Seminar series is co-ordinated by Margaret Spate, Jean Laidlaw and Margaret Roberts and ALL correspondence, queries etc should be sent to the dedicated email address -