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Computer Club February Meeting - Wednesday 13th Feb

From 13 February 2019 19:30 until 13 February 2019 21:30
Posted by Geoff JOHNSON
Categories: Computer Group Events
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At the time I cancelled the `over-early-in-the-year’ January meeting, it was suggested that we run a  `Brainstorming members’ problems, using all available sources’ session.

As I said at the time, you could raise them on the night, but it really needs at least a few people to send in their problems.  It’s not a necessity, but if you would advise me beforehand, it would be helpful.  We could then have a quick look to test feasibility, and perhaps develop the topic.  Feel free to consider family history matters as well as computing issues.  Just email me with any of your thoughts.

I have one point of concern to open-out on, but I’ll only raise it if there’s nothing else.

I’ve just had notice that The Genealogist have just released `New Second World War Casualty Lists’.  It includes POW stuff.

If you have any candidates to search for I’ll happily have a go using my Diamond sub.

Remember that GRO certificate and PDF prices go up on the 16th!


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