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Richard Jackson "Tatton Family of Wythenshawe Hall"

From 09 January 2019 19:30 until 09 January 2019 21:15
Posted by Pat MIDDLETON
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In 1370 Wythenshawe was granted to a Robert de Tatton of Kenworthy. This was the start of the Tatton family's 600 year holding of the area of Wythenshawe.

In 1503 John Tatton was Sheriff of Chester; his son Robert built a house at Wythenshawe to replace an older building.  Robert married Dorothy Booth of Dunham Massey.  Throughout the family tree there are marriages to the daughters of wealthy landowners - the Leghs of Lyme Hall, the Egertons of Tatton Park and the Cholmondeleys.

During the Civil War, the Tatton family were royalists. Wythenshawe Hall was surrounded and beseiged by a small parliamentarian force in November 1644. The seige lasted until February 1645 when the occupants of the hall surrendered. The Tatton family eventually managed to recover the Hall after payment of a fine.

In 1926, Wythenshawe Hall and all the Tatton lands were sold because of debts and death duties.  Lord and Lady Simon purchased the hall and park and donated it to the City of Manchester for the future benefit of the people of Manchester. The other Tatton land , purchased by Manchester  Council, was used to develop the new garden city of Wythenshawe.

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