in Cheshire

You can only login if you have registered for a Membership account, i.e you are a paid member, family member or website user of the Family History Society of Cheshire.

Click on the Login button . You will be prompted for a Username and Password.

The username can be either your username you set up when you set up your account or your email address.

If you don't already have an acount, you can click on the JOIN FHSC button which will take you to a page outlining  your membership options

From here you can then join any type of membership options,

Please read them carefully before you choose.

Underneath the login fieldsthere are options you can use if: you can’t remember your login details.

If you are already a member and have never used this new site yet, the first time you use the website you will have to set up your password.  It wasn't possible to transfer passwords from our old website.

See  the separate FAQ about resetting passwords.  

After you have successfully logged in you can go to My Profile  to see the information we have stored about your membership. 

You can  change details as you wish by clicking on Edit Profile, remembering to click on Submit to save the changes.

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