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Family Photographs and How to Date Them by Jayne Shrimpton

Published by Countryside Books 2008.  Paperback; 192pp. ISBN 978 1 84674 099 2. Have you got a box of family photos of unnamed relatives from the past? Dating them and deciding who they are can be fraught with difficulties. This book is an aid to dating them, using the fashions of the time for the period 1850—1950. Each section covers ten years and it is profusely illustrated with photographs. Jayne points out that the older people are less likely to be dressed in up-to-date fashions whereas young people and those getting married are more likely to be wearing the latest fashion. From the 1850s props were used. These, plus accessories such as hats and bonnets, can help with dating, not forgetting hairstyles, neckwear and facial hair for the men. Even the type of background can help with dating. There are lots of useful hints and clues to look for when trying to date photographs. Men’s styles of clothing changed less than ladies' but seeing so many photographs together in one volume is very handy for reference.   There are over 230 photographs in the book. Everyone will find something of interest in Jayne's well-researched and well-produced book. It will become a classic, I'm sure. I shall be investing in one. Available from our bookstall the book costs £12.99 retail; UK posted £14.95; overseas surface £16.00 and overseas by airmail £19.30

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